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Full Version: OPG/Database question
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Is there a way to see everyone who has a particular card loaded into their organize ?

For example go into the database click on 2013 Topps Adam Eaton # 79 and see everyone who has that card in their organize ?

Would make it's a million times easier for someone who is looking for that one card they need to finish a set but can never seem to find it. Just click and boom there is everyone that has one and you can just go through and see if anyone wants to sell or trade. Instead of making a thread asking if anyone has one and it just sitting forever without any responses because most people don't want to take the time to see if they actually have it. Especially if they have hundreds and thousands of cards to sift through.
if you got to the specific card and scroll down, you'll see a WANT and a HAVE with trader names.
good info, did not know that
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