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Carlos Gonzales is /25
The Votto is /40
Shields /99
Machado /50
Cespedes /99


I also have my base from the break listed including a /75 Nolar Ryan Green.

The autos I'm going to most likely look for an auto in return which I dont like doing but since that's the way the board behavior has moved I'm having to go along with it on these.

My primary collecting targets are in my sig.
id like a shot at the Machado and the Cepesdes. feel free to check me.thanks
Check me i would like a chance at the nolan ryan green and the shields.

Interested in your base and #'d cards
Offers responded to.
check me for the cargo
Scott28, sorry didn't see anything.
Still have most of these.
Interested in Big Game James! And maybe Cargo if I have something you are interested in.
check me for the machado relic and the cargo auto feel free to check my org thanks
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