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I'm just curious, because today it's snowing like a monkeylover in Anchorage.
That makes 9 consecutive months with measurable snowfall. Sad

I have seen a few others on the facebooks mention snow in the states. Kinda funny, the USS Anchorage is being christened today in the port with several hundred Navy guys who will probably put my state on their blacklist.

So, is your neck of the woods having as strange of a winter/spring as mine?

Here's my wife's car this morning:

[Image: 2013-05-04083204_zps03cbd196.png]

Fusion is angry.
Its 70 and sunny in RI .... just did the lawn and actually enjoyed it Smile
70 and sunny here in WI. Yesterday it was in the 30's w/ freezing rain. Was scrapping ice off my car in the pouring rain yesterday AM.
We will reach the 90s today. Needless to say, that is not the norm
It was around 65 for the high, started off cloudy but then nothing but beautiful sunshine. This after the darkest winter in like 40 yrs. Yeah Germany
Mid 30's and Raining. May 1st we saw some measurable snow, around 4 inches, where just north of us saw almost 2 feet. Before that is was in the 70's and 80's for 4 days in a row. This year the weather is insanely un-predicable.
90's...friggin' hot!!
53 and scattered showers.
80 on Sunday, 6" of snow on Tuesday. Today it's 60.

Welcome to Colorado. Wink
40 this morning... Now 75 and sunny... Nice day for sure...
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