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Full Version: copying a set
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I have a collection set up and now I want to make a copy of that collection in another folder, and I want to be able to set the haves, keeps, wants, etc, differently in the second collection, so simply adding the cards to the second folder won't do what I want.

I can go to each card and hit the double arrow button on the right end of that row to duplicate the card, then move the duplicate to the other folder. But I have thousands of cards I want to set up this way, so one at a time will take me into retirement and beyond. Is there an easier way to do this? Any help would be appreciated.
Try this. If you have a 1999 Topps collection, create a 1999 ToppsB folder. Go to the original collection and hit select. Then hit add to and select the 1999 ToppsB folder. I think this will work, but I have yet to try it. I need to create some duplicate sets myself and this is what I came up with. Let me know if it works, O.K.?
The Add To won't work either, if you turn on Show Tags you can see that it doesn't create a copy of the items but just adds them to the other collection (a.k.a tag).

I'm not aware of a good way to do what you want to accomplish for a lot of cards. Manually clicking duplicate on each is painful.

However, based on the way the trading system works, I think you can accomplish it through that system. It's not straight forward though and if you're not comfortable with the trading system I would not suggest it as you could mess up your ORG. It's also important the other user understands the ORG and how to identify the cards in their ORG once they get added in case you're trying to do this for cards they already have as well.
1. Find a willing person. Be sure both you and them have nothing in your Recently Traded collection.
2. Create a trade that shows you sending all the cards you want duplicated. Have that person accept the trade. This will add them to your Recently Traded collection as well, but they are not duplicated at this point.
3. Select all items in your Recently Traded folder and move them to a new temporary collection. Then delete that temporary collection. This will leave them associated with only the collection/tag information for what they were associated with before you started.
4. Now willing person from step 1 creates a trade sending you all those cards back and you accept it. They will now end up in your Recently Traded folder but be duplicates and not have any other tags associated with them. Now move them to the new collection you want them in permanently.

Mind you this may be construed as abusing the system and artificially inflating your trade numbers so Beckett may frown upon on it, you might want to ask a mod for clarification of the acceptability of this process before trying it.

And again, if you're not an advanced ORG user I don't recommend it either.
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