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Here is a few of my new pick ups. I have always wanted a Dimaggio cut and finally got a hold of one I liked. Had to be a full check Smile All PC guys! Thanks for the look!

[Image: dimaggio_zps2df27ba4.jpg]

[Image: ripken-1_zps56d3917e.jpg]

Thanks to snappyjoe75!
[Image: harper3_zpsa8abc515.jpg]

[Image: chipperj_zpsfa678dbf.jpg]

And some good ol' hockey!

[Image: pariseskate_zpsf55219bb.jpg]

[Image: parise_zps438b3ed3.jpg]

[Image: suter_zps5edd9402.jpg]
glad to help out for ya!!! now trade it back!! lol, jk.
Sweet cards
Congratulations on such great pickups. Great DiMaggio auto.
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