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what I got so far... haven't really started his cards as of yet, but will soon... I got the NT for $10 and it had a sick patch so I grabbed it...Smile

[Image: KGrHqQOKnEE4-7umgsBOhJLQPwLw60_57_zps64e468fd.jpg]

[Image: B7OwIQBmkKGrHqUOKnQEy1LF9EobBMzivbMnw_12...b8f7d8.jpg]

[Image: T2eC16JzUE9s38-JGBRPEjuJ5g60_12_zps50bf5304.jpg]

here's the NT:

[Image: KGrHqZHJFUE91-s7eVEBPnJLqKWQ60_57_zps64354362.jpg]
Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the patch!
custom 24x36 poster coming in... it was the only image I could find big enough to blow up that size without it looking like garbage... I think it looks pretty good though...

[Image: lp_zpsd8486080.jpg]
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