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First a sweet ZT addition

1997 Finest Atomic Refractors #156 Zach Thomas G

[Image: 04-19-2013120201AM.png]

Then a freebie package from Ron. Thanks man! I appreciate it!

Last week a got a PM from Ron asking if I were still at my current residence and I said yes sir. I thought it was just to update my addy for his group BGS submissions but I was wrong lol.

Here is what was inside:

[Image: 04-18-2013114300PM.png]

[Image: 04-18-2013113958PM.png]

[Image: 04-18-2013113720PM.png]

and then this monster

Ronnie Brown auto /5!!!

[Image: 04-18-2013113355PM.png]

Thanks man! Just sick!
Holy cow! Great looking mailday! Wtg Giantfan!
Very nice! i also recieved a nice mailday from giantfan this week with 3 luck rookies!! tyvm!!
Very nice!
More awesome freeb's from another great member!
Ron is awesome congrats on the surprise
Thanks gang. And everyone knows you deserve them Rick!
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