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a few days ago, I placed my first order with a certain website that is heavily advertised on beckett. my package came today.

1 box of:
2012 Totally Certified
2012 Absolute
2011 Playbook

and the free gift of a blaster box of 2011 Upper Deck.

great price honestly for all above. so heres the hits. I started with the 2011 upper deck freebie. not expecting much at all from it.

[Image: SCAN0326_zps6697dc80.jpg]

couldnt be happier since im a vol collector. odd hit for a blaster box but it started my breaks out right! the young rookie card is actually an SP, so i consider it a "hit"

now onto absolute 2012. ive had great success with this set this year. this kept me happy

[Image: SCAN0325_zps0f07840b.jpg]

those are base autos, definitely for trade. the richardson is /99 and the bettis is /100. not a big win til you scroll to the bottom. ive left all my biggest hits for last hahah.

moving along nicely, i crack open the first ever playbook box ive gotten. 2011, but good chance for something, right?

[Image: SCAN0327_zps824ab13f.jpg]

i dig the ray rice enough to keep. the others are for trade. that redemption is Nathan Enderle, whoever that may be, i don't know. Youll notice there are only 3 hits in the scan....well cruise on down!

lastly, totally certified. my favorite product this year. first actual box ive bought though.

[Image: SCAN0328_zpsa56e6741.jpg]

all for trade except for ray lewis jsy. thats a justin tucker redemption.

ok the final bang. my biggest hits.

[Image: SCAN0329_zps2538cbe1.jpg]

i laughed when i saw the david wilson but kinda got excited when i found out it was a PRIME. And just as I did with the other redemption from 2011 Playbook, I had to look up who the Rookie Booklet was of. Was already let down with seeing Nathan Enderle (seriously, who is that?). But to my amazement, it's JULIO FREAKING JONES!!!! I hate alabama but I respect alot of the guys they put in the NFL. super happy there. My biggest hits are the last you can see...Thats actually the 2nd wilson auto Ive pulled from Absolute. The first was several months back, a prime jsy/auto that I regretfully sold on the bay. and that bledsoe is 5/10.

thanks for looking! ive added a bunch of non keepers to my org if any of you want a crack at the hits that are avail or any of the base cards or stuff not mentioned from my breaks.
Jeeze, good pulls
(04-18-2013 09:13 PM)stewpidasso Wrote: [ -> ]Jeeze, good pulls

Couldn't be happier!
Awesome lucky dog !! I like that Richardson !!
That Bledsoe is pretty cool!
Nice hits man!
Very nice hits. Congrats
Score!! Great hits!
Man you are on a ROLL! Great hits!
Sweet pulls bro! Definitely interested in the T-Rich and the Chandler Jones, maybe we could work out the Rivera for one if the pricing will ever come out!
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