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Hey guys got this

2011 Playoff Prime Cuts Emblems of the Hall Cal Ripken Jr Game Used Autograph #'d 6/8. Low #'d auto, picked it up this past weekend. I figure It doesn't hurt to see if anyone is interested in this card. I have a good amount into it so it wont come easy but if interested lmk. Not looking for anything particular (Scan Below)

[Image: IMG_1498.jpg]
i have a Trout sterling auto. would something like that work? thanks
That trout auto sounds good but if not, I have a Dunn and Reyes auto
Which trout sterling auto is it?
Please give me a look for it. thanks
Ill look at everyone's list when I get home from work
(04-16-2013 11:35 AM)kamikid Wrote: [ -> ]Ill look at everyone's list when I get home from work
pm sent. thanks
Glad you were able to pick that Ripken up, I added the 2010 A&G mini's from the show to my Org as well if you wanted to take a look and see if any matched up with your needs. I only had base mini's inthat lot, no A&G backs or blacks, and no Posey RC's either...womp womp
To bad I'm sure u will be buyin more in the future lol
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