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Hey guys well I've been out of the hobby for a year or so now and really the last time I touched current product was in 2010. Anyway like to do some trading and since I've been out of the hobby like I have who are people collecting now a days? Leave me some comments of what your collectin this way we can possibly strike some deals. Hitting a card show this weekend and if u let me have your name n collection wants ill throw then in my book so I can keep and eye out for you. Never hurts to ask and can't wait to do some dealing.
I'm building my projects of 500 HR and 3,000 Hit Club members autos. if you have any, just pm me. Thanks, and good luck
the dudes in my sig. What do you like besides A&G ?
Hof gu and star cards
Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo game used,autos, or rookies.
jesus montero autos and mem
Thanks guys got you added to my book. So ill def keep my eyes peeled for ya.

tate31nym---As of right now i havent picked up any other projects once I complete the Regular and Ginter back mini sets only few cards left. The black borders will take some time for sure. I should by then have any idea of what I may do next. Ill keep you posted though
Evan Longoria - LMK if you see anything rare like 1/1, /5, /10 etc at the show
added u to my book
Charlie Gehringer, Tigers autos and vintage HOF from 70s and earlier...especially like the 1972 Topps
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