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Here we go (sorry, there is a baseball and some vintage in here, let's get those out of the way first):

[Image: HamiltonVintageBGS_zps3e717958.jpg]

Was hoping for better on the Payton, but edges/centering killed me I am sure. Pretty happy with the Mantle, only 185 better BGS grades exist out of 1600+ in the pop report.

On to the RB's!

[Image: SandersFosterBGS_zpsabcc04e8.jpg]

That Barry was SO CLOSE to gold. Averages out to a 9.4 but unfortunately can't be more than a half point better than that damn centering. :-(

And the QB's! (BGS loves Manning, apparently.)

[Image: ManningRodgersBGS_zps7db4d8ab.jpg]

Overall, I am quite happy! I always preferred ungraded cards, but I might have caught the bug. Have a few more in for the 10 day submission and I hope they come out as well since I sent in higher BV cards this time. I will be super happy if they come back with the same number of golds...

Thanks again RW34!
looking sweet there for sure... I am in the 10 day as well... I can't wait to see if I struck some gold...Smile
Congratulations on all the gold bricks. The Bowman Chrome Refractor Peyton Manning card is really sweet.
Holy cow, I hadn't looked at the graded pricing for those Mannings until just now....
Very nice grades! BGS must love your Mannings cuz they hate mine lol
Wow, great looking stuff!
Solid results man. Love the mannings.
You killed it on the Mannings AND the Fosters!
great looking stuff! that payton is pretty nice with a 7! i think. congrats
I love seeing some graded Manning cards!!! Great results!
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