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Been awhile

[Image: rg31_zpsde613b57.jpg]

[Image: rice1_zps9295988e.jpg]

[Image: joeadams1_zps5637077e.jpg]

[Image: rounder1_zps93215351.jpg]

[Image: tannen1_zps0c9a8c88.jpg]
nice stuff bro, congrats!
nice break.. i like that tannehill!
thanks all...too bad they aren't patches with such a low numbering...
Nice stuff! I hear you on the patches part. Such low numbered cards should be extra special. I have a Favre 1/1 from 2006 Triple Threads with 3 white swatches. Bo-ring! LOL!! Of course if it did have multi colored patches someone probably would have bid more than me...
Yeah...there is a Mattingly Topps Sterling with sick patches but the auto has a scribble where he tried to get the marker to write as if it were drying out...

Triple Threads is always great lookin. Nice RG3!
nice cards. the first round wide recievers card looks very sharp.
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