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3 months and not too many $$$$!
(there is a trade pic at bottom so dont move this please)

[Image: hellbase_zpse07409d2.jpg]

[Image: hellbaserefractor_zps125a5339.jpg]

[Image: hellx_zps577efec1.jpg]

[Image: hellgreen_zps9209af26.jpg]

[Image: hellblue_zps1e191674.jpg]

[Image: hellpurple_zps8b03898b.jpg]

[Image: hellgold_zps0d9e61b6.jpg]

[Image: hellorange_zpsbf4b28b8.jpg]

[Image: hellred_zps8ee795e4.jpg]

[Image: hellsuper_zps00b5635e.jpg]

[Image: hellblackplate_zps72fdf063.jpg]

[Image: hellredplate_zps735468b7.jpg]

for trade
[Image: 20130305_112039_zps6149366c.jpg]
Looks good!
Nice rainbow. Good job. Thanks for sharing your hard work.
Congrats!!! Man those cards r sharp!!
Very nice....congrats and thanks for sharing!
Awesome job!
Fantastic!! Gratz!
I have been waiting on a jeter topps chrome 84 red /25 for months and just missed out on the only one to be sold yet on the bay so i know how tough these can be to complete. Congrats!!! Looks good!
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