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My wife says I make too many trades. She says I spend too much money on postage. So I am asking how many of you, especially the regulars, trade so often that your spouse questions it?
I started trading first week of Jan and have made around 90 trades, so avg 9 per week at $3 a trade. Okay that's a lot of postage when you look at it that way. But I figure, even if I'm buying from ebay or whatever, I'm still paying for postage...
Yeah I hear you. I have nine trades so far now. I average about.5-6 a week. I haven't bought cards in forever. I'm just trying what I have so I assume I will run out of trade bait.
This is the way I look at it (oh and according to my beckett page 85 trades in the last 365 days) on avg if you went to a card show, paid admission, and then bought the cards, on avg is your postage on trade less than you would have bought those cards for at the show? Considering of course that if you are trading cards, you don't really want the ones you send out on your postage....of course the answer is less and therefore you are ahead...try that logic on the wife...and of course it won't work. Wink
Trades anywhere from 0-6 on average. Actual envelopes sent out 10 or more Smile
I think I try and be conscious of how many trades I make which is why I haven't bought cards in so long. But a lot of my most recent trades have been for PC cards so I'm running out of trade bait.. I may have to stop my trades for a while and body my collection by buying cards again..
I don't know of every week but around 125 a year
Some weeks I have non and then some others 20+
Currently I have 5 in progress next week I may have non or 10
I have 500 trades right now and my goal is 600 by the end of this year
I have approximately 550 in just under 3 years, including 176 in the past 365 days. I got started in the spring of 2010. But since November, I have made maybe 10 trades and 8 of those were last week.

So my trading has gone way down.
When I'm home I average about 7 per week, but being home is a rarity the last few months. I was excited to reach the 900 trade plateau last month, currently at 916 and hope I can reach 1000 by years end.
And people, start using paypal shipping, that really cuts down on your shipping costs!
I have to look into that Paypal shipping
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