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I was working all weekend in Minneapolis and meant to share this before I left town.

Some of you know I went a little crazy and put together the 2010 Certified Mirror Black Freshman Fabric Auto set. After staying at 20/34 for a long while, I picked up a couple of 2011 cards with no intention of trying that craziness again. That class had a lot of high profile players and the prices were outrageous relative to 2010 ($50,000 for Kaepernick????? When hell freezes over!).

I picked up a couple and decided to quit (actually sold one to a super collector who asked me). Then, just like that, 3 more became available at the beginning of the 2012 NFL season.

Thought I'd show it for 2 reasons....1) just to share it and 2) I'm considering getting rid of the 2011 class except for the big one. I haven't decided yet.

I did not care for the design, but liked the on-card least for the players who didn't write off the card.

Here we go...together for viewing for the 1st time:

[Image: 11BilalPowellCertFF001001.jpg] [Image: 11ClydeGatesCertFF001001.jpg]

[Image: 11DanielThomasCertFF001001.jpg] [Image: 11JamieHarperCertFF001001.jpg]

[Image: 11JerrelJerniganCertFF001001.jpg] [Image: 11KendallHunterCertFF001001.jpg]

[Image: 11LeonardHankersonCertFF001001.jpg] [Image: 11MarkIngramCertFF001001.jpg]

[Image: 11MikelLeShoureCertFF001001.jpg] [Image: 11ShaneVereenCertFF001001.jpg]

[Image: 11TaiwanJonesCertFF001001.jpg]

And my favorite.....

[Image: 11CamNewtonCertFF001001.jpg]
Unbelievable...... Lol that Cam is just plain nasty. I'd agree, def keep that thing as its one of his best cards, not to mention as a panthers fan I am expecting big things from him this year!
Would loveeeeeeeeeee the Taiwan jones if you EVER get rid of it......those are awesome....Smile still looking for the emerald version.....can't seem to find it.....oh well
Wow! Those are insane, especially like the Cam and the Ingram!
It's always a drool fest when you show off your stuff, mel. Very impressive looking cards. Those are just some serious nasty.
wow those are completely awesome! id be interested in the hunter if you did get rid of them.
Nice stuff. Would love to get that DT
Whoa..Mel this is do pick some deadly sets is i do say so
Wow those are sweet especially the Cam!
Wow pure craziness...awesome cards
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