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These are what I have already. (kind of showing off) Listed below these is what I need. Any help is much appriciated.

[Image: Image403_zps1af1e030.jpg]
[Image: Image404_zps58cbf374.jpg]


RCP-2 Ernie Banks - Cubs
RCP-3 Roberto Clemente - Pirates
RCP-5 Bob Gibson - Cardinals
RCP-6 Willie McCovey - Giants
RCP-8 Ryne Sandberg - Cubs
RCP-10 Eddie Murray - Orioles
RCP-11 Ozzie Smith - Padres
RCP-14 Tony Gwynn - Padres
RCP-18 Dwight Gooden - Mets
RCP-21 Derek Jeter - Yankees
RCP-23 Mike Trout - Angels

I have an EXTRA Koufax and Jackson as well as an UNOPENNED pack that contains a patch that is not a rc patch (player unknown)
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