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I bought two 2012 topps chrome retail blaster boxes today. When I busted them open the very first box every ever single card in every pack were all purple refractor. 8 packs 32 cards all purple refractors. All in all out of the 2 boxes 64 cards total

36 purple refractors (Trout, Posey, Jeter, Rivera, Cano, Lawrie etc)
6 refractors
1 sepia
1 xfractor
1 die-cut

44 out of 64 cards refractors

not to bad if you ask me. All cards have been loaded in my Org and are for trade.

[Image: IMG_1841_zps89e754d2.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1842_zps44016cac.jpg]
That's crazy!! Did you happen to pull base refractor #102 Madison Baumgarner? It's the last one i need for my set.
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