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Full Version: Low-end bait shuffle
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Just looking to change up some of my trade inventory. Not going to be too picky on trades from these lots totaling $30+.

[Image: Scan130750011_zps1f1bd36f.jpg]
The "SS" relic is Miguel Tejada. The Braden is a 2011 Sparkle (SSP). The auto is Jhonny Peralta.

[Image: Scan130750010_zps96182662.jpg]

[Image: Scan130750009_zps76bddb15.jpg]

[Image: Scan130750007_zps8e6e77f8.jpg]
The golds are SN /61; the silver /5.

[Image: Scan130750006_zps73aca205.jpg]

[Image: Scan130750005_zps9744cb9a.jpg]

[Image: Scan130680004_zpsb6188a2c.jpg]

[Image: Scan130680002_zpsd933b54e.jpg]
Please check me for the Chipper and the Heyward. Thank you.
check my gu ft section for these gu
chipper gu
carlos santana gu
votto gu
price gu
felix lineage gu
ripken gu
Check me for the Peralta auto
Interested in the Felix heritage gu
(03-16-2013 03:04 PM)michaelstepper Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in the Felix heritage gu

I think you meant the Lineage '75 mini, which is pending. (right?) -The other Felix is still available.
Would love to get my hands on the Cain GU. Please check me. Thanks!
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