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Full Version: Graded Card Trading
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Looking to trade these cards for graded cards of similar value. Let me know if you are interested.

[Image: 75TRose.jpg]
[Image: 00BChen.jpg]
[Image: 97BCJones.jpg]
[Image: 94APRodriguez.jpg]
[Image: 89UJohnson7.jpg]
[Image: 00BeckettF.jpg][Image: 00BurroughsF.jpg]
[Image: Corey_Maggette_F.jpg][Image: 2013-03-15_23-26-46_901_zps80d93d71.jpg][Image: fc7156ee-964d-4a96-a2e1-988833f2788c_zpsaa61befb.jpg]
Updated with a few new cards.
I have this.I like the Rose and the Price.Lmk
[Image: 2013-03-15_21-26-50_134_zpsc99efd9f.jpg]
lol I thought I was the only person who had that Josh Beckett lol that's awesome lol
Thanks - Sorry, I'm not really interested in trading for the Griffey.
Who are you looking for, I am interested in the Rose
Nobody in particular - what have you got?
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