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Selling my Dominguez Collection.. These are the Autos and the Serials.. Looking to slang as a Lot

Dominguez1 photo IMG_20130311_0001-1.jpg

Finest Green Ref Auto 102/199
Chrome Ref Auto 30/499
Chrome Ref Auto 128/499
Chrome Red Ref Auto 3/25
Finest Orange Ref Auto 2/99
Finest Gold Ref Auto 28/50
Finest X-Fractor Auto 155/299
Finest X-Fractor Auto 40/299

Dominguez2 photo IMG_20130311_0002.jpg

07 Just Rookies Auto
Bowman Platinum Ref Auto Redemption
Finest Red Ref 14/25
Bowman Chrome Gold Ref 46/50
08 Yellow Reflectives Auto 24/25
08 Yellow Reflectives Auto 11/25

Dominguez3 photo IMG_20130311_0003.jpg

07 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Auto 668/769
07 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Auto 262/769
08 Bowman Chrome Draft Auto
08 Bowman Chrome Draft Auto
Bowman Red Ice 04/25
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