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Hey guys,

I'm back at home for a while and I wanted to make some trades with you. I've added some new card's in my org and my bucket. Some cards further below.
I'm mainly looking for Roy Halladay. Also looking for an autograph from Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and the 1992 Bowman RC from Rivera for my PC.
I prefer to trade auto for auto, mem for mem.

Now, check my bucket and my org and send me your offers or pn's [Image: smile.gif]

Here are a few examples:

[Image: BchromeInsertsRefractors.jpg]
Ackley is #'d 1/5

[Image: HarperBlackFriday.jpg]

[Image: EllsburyYellowPlate.jpg]

[Image: GarciaRefAU.jpg]

[Image: Middlebrooks_Rainbow.jpg]

I also have this nice card that I would like to upgrade for an on card auto from him:

[Image: Ripken_AU.jpg]

More Scan's in my bucket
open offer sent. thanks
Trade sent
thank you all for your offers.
please forgive me, it takes for a while to check them all.

like the blue ortiz and the die cut weaver,cmb
why do you want to trade the ripken? is it because the auto isn't very clear? isn't that considered an on card auto ?it's not a sticker check my pc (ripken auto is in there) for rip
Open offer on the way for the Harper.
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