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As what the title states, but this might be a long shot. I want to trade a 2009 mini Obak Mike Stanton thats serial numbered to 1/5 for a 2- color 2013 Topps World Series relic of Buster Posey. Any takers ?
If only I had a Posey World Series relic
(03-09-2013 08:46 PM)petesahuttt Wrote: [ -> ]If only I had a Posey World Series relic

Just trying to get every Giants player from this set, so far i have the Bum, Zito, and Scutaro and Buster is the main guy im after
Scutaro was so awesome in the playoffs, I was happy the Sox had him for a year so I got to see him play a lot
Please check me. Thank you.
bump for another good sunday
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