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Full Version: FT w/ Scans
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Mostly looking for Nick Castellanos or Avisail Garcia non-base. I'll consider other trade bait possibly.

Please post here or send an open offer. If it's not marked FT, let me know and I'll add it. Thanks.

[Image: Scan130680005_zps7b9114ce.jpg]

Includes 2012 Topps Mini plate of Mat Latos

[Image: Scan130680004_zpsb6188a2c.jpg]

[Image: Scan130680003_zps31117ea9.jpg]

[Image: Scan130680002_zpsd933b54e.jpg]
Received the orange Pujols in a recent trade. Disappointed to find out it has a bad top right corner (only visible from reverse of card).
one-time bump.
Check me for the Sandoval auto. Will trade in your favor if I don't have any auto/GU you like.
You can check me for the Pablo as well
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