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Full Version: More added for sale
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Prices are all shipped. FAIR Offers always welcome especially on lots. I will sahev $1.50 off per card if buying more then one to compensate for shipping money saved.

Crow $10
[Image: scan0077.jpg]

Gordon /10 $22
[Image: scan0011.jpg]

Pena $22
[Image: scan0158.jpg]

Duffy Tier One $5
[Image: scan0062.jpg]

Rodney $4.50
[Image: scan0206-1.jpg]

Kila $4
[Image: scan0039.jpg]

Aviles $6
[Image: scan0051.jpg]

Montgomery /50 $18
[Image: scan0100.jpg]

Montgomery $6
[Image: scan0098.jpg]

Duffy Sterling Black $15
[Image: scan0029.jpg]

K-Rod /10 $6
[Image: scan0329-1.jpg]

Soria /5 $14
[Image: scan0125.jpg]

Soria $9
[Image: scan0130.jpg]

Killebrew SOLD
Gordon SOLD
Braun/Gordon SOLD
Thomas (very rare) SOLD
Triple Threads Closers SOLD
Jones Patch /50 SOLD
Jones 1/1 SOLD
Jones /25 SOLD
Jones Green Topps SOLD
Jones /25 SOLD
Jones /25 SOLD
Jack McKeon SOLD
ill take the Killebrew.
(03-09-2013 01:36 AM)shivelycore Wrote: [ -> ]ill take the Killebrew.

PM sent
up again
up for the night
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