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Tell me how I did? I thought it was nothing till but someone told me I had a good one...

Heritage Chrome RA Dickey
Heritage Chrome Ref. Adam LaRoche

S. Castro Relic

BUT THE BIG ONE Yu Darvish 1942 VAR

So did I do well.
Going by what people are asking for them on ebay, I would say you did quite well. Congrats!
I thought I did well and this being my first box of Heritage ever. I would say beginners luck. I normally do Ginter and GQ but thought I would try Heritage this year. But I know nothing of Heritage these ssp and everything and what people pay for them is crazy. Just judgeing I would say Heritage might be the Set builders set. I thought it was Ginter but I am rethinking that. Can anyone give me anymore details about this card? Thanks
Nice break! Here's more info on the Yu SSP:

Topps Heritage is the only set I try to complete each year. I'm big into vintage cards, so I love the vintage design/current players concept, and I also like the errors and SSPs that are based on actual errors from the original year's set. I like Ginter and GQ, too, but I enjoy completing the Heritage sets more. It's more challenging to finish (500 card checklist, 425 and up are SPs), and the cards tend to hold their value more than other comparable sets, which doesn't hurt.
That Darvish is a huge pull! If you have any SP's you want to part with I'd be interested in them.
I do have several Sp and I also got what looks like a Prince Fielder Action variation.
Massive hit
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