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Full Version: trade thread
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here is a small sample of the 2012 triple threads that i have for trade in my trade org feel free to send offers

Justin Verlander serial num 18/99
Tony Gwynn serial num 60/99
Bob Feller serain num 108/125
Jered Weaver serial num 5/125
Mike Schmidt serial num 46/250
Clayton Kershaw serial num 219/250
Willie Mays serial num 454/625
Kevin Youkilis serial num396/625
Willie McCovey ser num 485/625
Brandon Phillips serial num 96/625
Mike Schmidt serial num 556/625
Roger Maris serial num 370/625
evening trade bump
Not sure what your looking for but I would be interested in the mays and done if the jeters you have...let me know what you like and feel free to check my org

sunday trade bump
offer sent
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