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Hey guys havent posted anything in a few weeks. Here is what i have gotten in.
1st 2 adds to my all time Dolphins PC (certified autos)
Dan Wilkinson #/10,000
[Image: wilkinsonauto3-5-13_zps4b546fc1.jpg]

Dan McGwire (yep Marks bro)
[Image: danauto3-5-13_zpsb9c0e576.jpg]

Nate Kaeding
[Image: natekaeding2-17-13_zps1e2ba276.jpg]

Few Egnews
Jsy #/199
[Image: egnewjsy3-5-13_zps064ee160.jpg]

Contenders SP auto
[Image: egnewcontenderssp3-5-13_zps2d16c5d2.jpg]

Strata auto #/50
[Image: egnewstrata503-5-13_zps59265d0c.jpg]

Sterling jsy auto
[Image: egnewjsyauto3-5-13_zps1bec3c8f.jpg]

Few odds and ends
Pennington jsy #/299
[Image: penningtonjsy3-5-13_zps8764b6b7.jpg]

Jeff Fuller Magic auto
[Image: fullermagicauto3-5-13_zps6f00a579.jpg]

Kay Jay Harris auto #/699
[Image: kjauto3-5-13_zps7ec01f59.jpg]

Pat Devlin auto
[Image: devlinmetalauto3-5-13_zps555fbbeb.jpg]

Daniel Thomas Beckett 9.5 W/10 auto
Spa 3 color patch got this super cheep from Taiwan so may have scared people off.
[Image: DanielthomasGraded3-5-13_zpsd0803943.jpg]

New the Main PC stuff.
A few and far between Oronde Gadsden i didnt have
Final Score #/30
[Image: gadsdenfinalscore3-5-13_zpsaee34f04.jpg]

Then a few Cameron Wake adds.
Cracked ice #/20
[Image: cameronwakecrackedice2-17-13_zpsc101c204.jpg]

Green Ref
[Image: cameronwakegreenref3-5-13_zps6403a301.jpg]

red ref
[Image: cameronwakeredref2-17-13_zpsa105d541.jpg]
Great looking additions. I really dig the FOTG Egnew and the Prizm red Wake cards. Didn't know they had die-cuts in Prizm. Looks really cool.
That cracked and green wake are awesome!
Thanks guys.
Sweet pickups as always bud, I know whenever you find one of the few Gadsen's you don't have it must be like Christmas lol
It sure is. I have another on the way and yet another just seems to be in my grasp. Soon to be under 60 total to have all his cards. w/ like 10 being 1/1's
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