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Limited to 50 copies.

Looking for anything, really. Make an offer. Probably just targeting best value and will keep flipping until I find something for my PC.

I realize that I don't have any history around here, no issues sending first. I was quite an active trader at in the late 90's - I don't think that counts anymore. It looked something like this:


EDIT: Terrible idea to use black paper to make the scan "pop". No, this is not a black border. It's the regular no number mini in a mini penny sleeve.

[Image: AampGMiniNNO_CanoF.jpg]
[Image: AampGMiniNNO_CanoB.jpg]
New picture(s) without any black confusion...

[Image: AampGMiniNNO_CanoF.jpg]
[Image: AampGMiniNNO_CanoB-1.jpg]
I would very much like to have that please Smile LMK what you're looking for either in trade or in currency
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