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Full Version: Changing Climate?
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No this isn't some off-topic rant about polar bears and ice caps Smile

First let me preface this with I'm not calling anyone out, so any recent traders of mine please don't feel that way. I've had nothing but good experiences with any of ya'll.

But to the heart of the matter - I know the post office raised rates some, though for my average trade I'm not seeing a big hit. However, since around Thanksgiving, even before the rate hike, I've been receiving more trades with no delivery confirmation / tracking. It's been kinda frustrating for me because I'm a tech geek and I use technology all day, including tracking my packages. Mostly because I'm lazy and don't check mail every day - I get pretty much zero bills in the mail so all I get besides trades are junk mail and maybe a package from family for my birthday. Therefore I am a huge fan of tracking on my trades so I know which days I should check mail.

I know dbroockerd and a few others were doing some PWE trading - don't expect tracking on those. But for any other trade I got to the point of expecting the tracking so now I'm kinda spoiled. I still send all my packages with tracking so the other person knows I sent it, but also so I know they received it.

Anyone else notice this change or is it just happening to me lol

Finally, let me reiterate, I'm not upset with anyone, I've always gotten my cards, I'm just whining a little about a convenience factor for me Smile
depends on the service they pay for now. the PO has done away with the delivery confirmation on it's own but If you spend more on shipping your package it's thrown in on the cost of the shipping label/stamp they put on the packages.
If you ship using paypal it is $1.69 for a 3-4 oz bubble envelope and includes USPS tracking #.

Cheaper than shipping without tracking from the post office.
paypal is the only way to go.
Even at the PO, 95% of my trades ship in a small bubble mailer with DC for $2.97, which isn't awful.
Lol, I like tracking as well, just recently sent some cards out to a guy who wanted a trade but didn't have anything I wanted so I told him I'd accept and he could just have the cards for free. Even though it was a free trade and I wasn't getting anything I still put a tracking number and gave to the man on the other end.
I never ship without it accept for those small PWE. Most guys if they do use it never send me the number anyway. Recently I had a trade never show up and later found the sender didn't use DC so ow its lost and he has no proof it was even sent. He made it right, and I believe him but he has no proof.

DC is a must.
I don't have a printer at home so to keep costs down on trades I either have to send via PWE (and hear kvetching about it even though the card is in a sleeve, top loader, teambag, and packed with reinforcement material) or ship it in a bubble mailer without DC.
I use the Paypal method for shipping so DC is always there and I'm pretty certain I remember to update the trade page with the number for all of them.

With that said, DC is a tool for the sender and really shouldn't be expected by the receiver. However, if the recipient claims to have not received a package and the sender didn't use DC and can't prove it was sent, they should be expected to send their end back or make it right somehow. I recommend everybody use DC because it just seems like, to me anyway, that there are too many dishonest people out there who would take advantage of receiving a package with no DC.
(03-04-2013 09:07 PM)baker100309 Wrote: [ -> ]If you ship using paypal it is $1.69 for a 3-4 oz bubble envelope and includes USPS tracking #.

Cheaper than shipping without tracking from the post office.

$1.69? Thats like 2001 prices! How does that work with paypal? Is it just going through usps and printing out the shipping label? I usually dont get tracking unless requested by the other trader, but if its included AND cheaper, sign me up!
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