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Clearing out some of my recent rookie cards to try and downsize a little...all FT/FS

[Image: C06BD9CF-170F-487E-9947-F509C6FBD564-121...e897ff.jpg]
Darvish SP, regular rookie and variation

[Image: 54D77708-91FC-46E8-B3D2-9AEC28E9FC09-121...3b8496.jpg]
More rookie cespedes, lawrie, Moore

[Image: 8DEF0122-358E-4EE3-BCFB-23818E3600DD-121...097d2e.jpg]
Pacheco /150. Taillon/199...gerrit cole purple

[Image: 2C97B8BF-9486-49A5-A883-73FA6997359F-121...1c9a37.jpg]
Some other rookie refractors

Also have a ton of other rookies from 2010-2013 if anyone is looking for anyone in particular including bases of the refractors/variations in the scans

Sorry for poor picture quality...can send better pics if interested

Looking mostly for trout, harper machado but very willing to negotiate

Thanks for looking!
Have any Stantons and Trumbos?
Have at least the 2011 topps and topps chrome trumbo if you dont already have them...not sure I have any stanton but i will doublecheck when i get home from work
open offer sent!! thanks
have a few offers in..anyone else interested? need to downsize! trying to move into a new apartment!
Check me for both Moore's
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