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for those that didnt get the title reference...

This thank you is a long time coming. Hellsbells ( over the past few months has done a number of deals with me, helping stock my business. In addition, they have thrown in tons of freebies for my charity auctions every time

This last time, hellsbells went completely bonkers out his gourd and out of his way. not only does he send me my stuff and include freebies in that box, hellsbells sends another 2 big ole boxes full of freebies on his dime

my charity lots wouldnt even be close to half as successful as they have been without him.

So seriously: a huge shoutout to the person who has been more than generous in helping me out
I never heard of him, but awesome members are the bestes!
Its been awhile since I dealt with him be he is a great member. Glad to see stuff like this! Glad to see members doing good things (Both of you!)
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