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Full Version: LTTF Triple Threads
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As title says looking to trade for the cards with the "sayings" on them very interested and very willing to move in favor. Im looking to also get rid of everything in org except magic and prestige
I have a bunch of Ian Kennedy in my org for trade
What do they say
IPK, Little Moose and IK31 and I have different versions of all of them. IPK I have the /36 and the /18, Little Moose I have the /36, /27, /18 and the /9 and the IK31 I have the 36, 27 and the /18.
Ok ive got mostly all football loaded. Let me get baseball up and sorted see what we can do
I have these if they interest you:

2010 TTT Nolan Ryan 3x Relic/Patch #'d 3/3 (says "383 270 301 Punchouts"....would take a REALLY solid single card or cash offer to move it)
[Image: IMG_0497.jpg]

2010 TTT Joe Mauer Booklet /18 (says "1st Catcher to Win Three Batting Titles")
[Image: IMG_0451.jpg]
Im going to have my org updated soon and will see what else i can do! Love em
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