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Finally get a chance to display some of my favorites from my Earl Bennett collection. My game worn jersey, pants, shoe, gloves, armband, towel, my 5 favorite cards, 8x10 panini convention auto, and custom Mcfarlane. I'm so happy to be able to see these things all the time as opposed to being in a box. She's the best!

[Image: frame0012_zpse43a724a.jpg]
Dang that is sweet!
VEry nice!
dang what did she do? raid his locker? Congrats! Very nice!!
Awesome! I love that Topps Letterman auto (wasn't that the set title?).

Oh, I love all of it - just a comment on that card set! Sweet complete uniform!
very nice man she must have messed up good lol
I hope you said Thank You! Super awesome man!
Sooooo you wanna switch wives for my birthday?
Thanks gang. I'm so happy. I've been looking around for a while for a good wooden (to go with our home) display case but they were always so much. I came across this one on the bay and had it saved for some time and she got on finally bought it for me. She's something else. Now I just have to work on getting some grading done.

The card is the 2008 Letterman 1/1 auto. Love those cards!
That's hilarious!

(03-01-2013 07:39 PM)supbullcoc Wrote: [ -> ]Sooooo you wanna switch wives for my birthday?

Oh yeah. You know it. For the past 4 birthdays I said I'd get some grading for my birthday but something always came up. In that time, she was diagnosed with MS and always feels bad because we have to spend so much money on her medicine and medical bills. She said she wasn't going to allow it this year. She truly is my BEST friend.

(03-01-2013 07:39 PM)soccerscrub Wrote: [ -> ]I hope you said Thank You! Super awesome man!

Very nice!!!
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