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Full Version: Need some advice...
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I completed a trade with someone on here 7 weeks ago, and while I sent my stuff, I haven't seen theirs. I've sent numerous comments within the trade to no response. This person last signed on 2/19 and I haven't heard a word, so they're active. I sent another comment tonight hoping for a response. If I don't get one in a couple days, what should I do? Out them on here? Sick the cops on them? I have yet to be burned on here, but I'm starting to think I'm about to get my first burn.
PM a mod at least with their username, they have a little more weight to solve things.

floydtown or david campos
No excuse for that long but try PMing the trader. I don't get emails all the time from messages left in a trade. Also PM a mod like Tate mentioned.
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