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Just recently in a trade offer, apparently I was called a liar by one of our fellow traders. He was doubting my collection of Robinson Cano and some yankee prospects. This has never happened before and no one has ever called me out, let alone a liar. So I decided to scan a few today for the guy who doubts me. I am at 996 unique of Cano.. and here are few scans. And as always I am always looking to trade for Cano I need, Romine, Mesa and any of the "Jersey Boys" Frazier and Trout.

[Image: Cano8_zpsd0e61efa.jpg]
[Image: cano6_zps9b60d38a.jpg]
[Image: cano7_zps6c4b22e3.jpg]
[Image: Cano5_zpsca7c675c.jpg]
[Image: Cano4_zpse7aeb38a.jpg]
[Image: Cano3_zpsf5c09be6.jpg]
[Image: cano1_zps55bee1d4.jpg]
[Image: cano2_zps7cd39fde.jpg]
[Image: Romine3_zpsbb4a5434.jpg]
[Image: Romine4_zps888dde49.jpg]
[Image: Romine2_zpsbdc4aa63.jpg]
[Image: Romine1_zps987122b2.jpg]
[Image: Melky2_zpsc310c5d0.jpg]
[Image: Melky1_zps16d54d08.jpg]
Amazing collection!!!
Fantastic collection. My kid loves the Cano plates!
Sweet Cano pc you have there. Nicest I've seen.
thats one of the best pc s i have ever seen
Holy crap, you are gonna be rich if those two pan out well! Great canos too. I dont see the Topps Gold Rc?

I bet you dont even have it for real Tongue
One hell of a coleection. I can only hope my Giants GU/Auto PC comes even half as close to something as nice as that.

I used to have this:
[Image: IMG_00000174.jpg]
Now I have this:
[Image: E7433BFE-A42C-4D51-8532-BB8E108E9EE9-135...62f297.jpg]
Strong like bull!! Very nice.
Amazing! If you ever trade one of those on card cano autos I'd be game
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