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Just added this Munson for trade. I just got the non proof version that belongs in my set so I can let this one go to someone who needs it.

Im still looking for the Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford cards from the set.

Its not priced, as far as trade value Im looking for a little more than the one #d to 89.

I also have these Verlander and Torii Hunter autos to move if anyone is interested.
[Image: stadiumslicemunsonblue25_zps32477338.jpg]
[Image: IMAG0284_zpsca309b32.jpg]
[Image: toriiauTTT9_zps056a0111.jpg]

Sorry about the size, trying out this new photobucket and this is how my first upload went. I guess they changed their default size. The Torii is how my scans always looked before.
Poor verlander card. Dangit!!!
Tell me about it, Ive seen worse, like a Larsen I have that is blank, lol. I have a couple with glove leather too but they seem to be fine. But it has bled quite a bit into the leather. I dont need full bv for it just a nice Jeter insert in the 30 range.

What ever happened to that Blank Sweet Spot Larsen that everyone was signing and sending to eachother?
Any Munson fans today?
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