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Full Version: FT: Jeter Lot
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I'm looking to move this lot for football and I'm looking to get as few in return as possible. I'm looking for star, HOFer, and RC parallels and GUed.

Please post scans of what you have and we can try and work something out.

Here is what I have:
1993 Topps RC #98 x2
2006 Topps Opening Day Sports Illustrated for Kids #4
2007 Ultra #126
2008 Topps Chrome Refractor #121
2008 Upper Deck Goudey Mini Red Backs Sport Royalty #285
2009 Topps Heritage AS SP #487
2010 Bowman #190
2010 Topps #8 Mauer/Ichiro/Jeter
2010 Topps #269 A Rod/Jeter Cano
2010 Topps Chrome #165
2010 Topps Heritage #215A
2011 Bowman Platinum Gold #9
2012 Gypsy Queen #100A x4
2012 Gypsy Queen Sliding Stars #DJ
checkout my org see if anything you like
(02-22-2013 05:04 PM)zakthirty3 Wrote: [ -> ]checkout my org see if anything you like

didn't see anything I could use but thanks
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