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Full Version: Mickey Mantle
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Looking to trade this for something from the greatest team in the MLB, my Giants of course, my org is all on default rate that's why I'm posting a scan, hopefully by the time I get ready to go to bed tonight I have had lots of offers and I will take the best one as long as its reasonably fair.

[Image: sp4_zpse72d8d60.jpeg]

Figured I'd put this up too for some Gigantes love..... Hit me with your best shot!

[Image: sp41_zpsd6a2d415.jpeg]
Man those are nice. If I had some Giants love to send your way you better believe I would!
open offer sent. thanks
can you let me know what value to need for both . I.e. what grading condition you value them at
I'm not much of a vintage guy wouldn't know how to grade that's why I put scans up sorry
You can check me thanks
yu can check me to thanks
Hey I know that Mantle. Thought you were going to PC that one.
@ buckles2335 I had in there but decided to let it go for my main PC, but if I can't get something I like/need the space on the shelf can easily take it back
Anybody else with some giants to trade
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