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I have cleaned up my org and have nothing under $5 in it. If you want I can see what others of any player your after I may have. Looking mainly for Henderson, Lineage mini relics,RC and any other set or player I may be currently collecting so I am sure we can work out a trade.

[Image: Cards1_zps0a65a00f.jpg][Image: Cards2_zpsbfa00296.jpg][Image: Cards3_zps95860011.jpg][Image: Cards4_zpscf4017e9.jpg][Image: Cards5_zpsfb1a1ac3.jpg]
open offer sent. thanks
you wouldn't happen to have a henderson panini auto on the ball would you? id trade my sportskings auto and something else heavily in your favor for it?
michaelstepper - Sorry but the only Henderson auto I had, I wound up having to sell a few years ago due to financial problems. Still cry myself to sleep at night sometimes. Hehe.
Offer sent thanks for the look
ClownQuestion - Saw the offer and just waiting to see if another earlier trade for the ones you want goes through or not.
Check me for the trout
Im interested in the trout, all the harpers and the Tavares Smile
I tried to send a message to all who sent me trades but cant seem to get through. Everyone is after the Harper refractor and I have a trade with it I am waiting to see if the other person accepts. If it falls through I will go with the next I like and let every one know. Please be patient and we will see what we can work out. A big thank you to all who have sent me offers. I have missed trading on here.
open offer sent
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