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I am having problems with the trash can folder. When I select empty it tells me I can only select the ones that is in my collection. I have to select page by page to delete what I have in the trash can. I do not want to waste time by selecting page by page. For some reason it shows that I have 105 cards in the trash can but I cannot get rid of that. When I go to the trash can it is empty but shows 105. I have added cards in there which is over 100,000 cards but it will still show 105 cards.

Please tell me how to get rid of it or can someone at Beckett look at my collection to check the issue.. I have posted last time and no one seemed to help me at all.. I only had people view what I have said and leave no comments.

Someone help me Please I want my collection to be set and cleared in the trash can so it remains 0 all the time and all I have to do is select empty and will empty instead of page by page which will take a very long time.
Hi Brett.

There should be a button in the Trash collection that says Empty Trash. If you hit this it should wipe out the cards in the Trash collection. If it is showing that there are cards in the Trash, while there are none in there, then you have a whole different situation. If you are using Internet Explorer to run the site, I would suggest switching up to Google Chrome or Firefox. If that is not the issue, you could clear your browsing cache to see if there is a resolve. Try these out and let me know if anything works. I will do what I can to help you out!

Did you not read what I have said above? I said when I hit empty it says I can only delete what is in my collection. I have to do page by page before I can do anything and I still have some in there.. The cache is deleted all the time so that is not the issue and I am using Google chrome.. Someone needs to look at my account or something to figure out what the problem is I have no idea why it is doing this.. I have asked before no reply's.. Now I am asking again.. The Empty button does not work at all.. I think my trash can has corrupted or something.. I will try again and see what happens..
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