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Looking to trade this towards other nice star/hofer autos in baseball and football. Looking to do trades of $50 BV+. Everything should be listed in my org if something isn't let me know and I'll add it, just send open offers or leave buckets/tradelists.

Ryan Braun BGS 9.5 RC Auto
[Image: BraunRyanSterlingBGS95Auto.jpg]

Starling Castro Blue Ref BGS 9.5 RC
[Image: CastroStarlinBCBlueRC.jpg]

Babe Ruth Bat /75 HTG
[Image: RuthBabeBat_zpsbb364985.jpg]

David Wright Auto Patch HTG
[Image: WrightDavidAutoPatch-1.jpg]

Willie Randolph SP Auto
[Image: RandolphWillieSPAuto_zpsb23fec9a.jpg]

Robin Yount Auto Patch /50
[Image: YountRobinPatchAuto_zpsb5470ea4.jpg]

Paul O'Neill Gold Auto /50
[Image: OneillPaulSPGoldAuto_zpsca64b07d.jpg]

Brad Holt Green Auto RC
[Image: HoltBradPlatinumAuto.jpg]

Ozzie Smith Patch Auto /25
[Image: SmithOzziePatchAuto_zps28ff9068.jpg]

Pujols/Edmonds/Rolen Triple Auto /10
[Image: PujolsEdmondsRolenAuto_zps84bae28e.jpg]

Manny Pacquiao Auto
[Image: PacquiaoMannyToppsGoldAuto_zpsd3948dd1.jpg]

Sam Bradford 2x Jersey Auto RC
[Image: BradfordSamCertAutoJsy-1.jpg]

Sam Bradford Auto RC
[Image: BradfordSAmUnrivaledAuto-1.jpg]

Sam Bradford Auto Patch RC
[Image: BradfordSamFinestAutoPatch.jpg]

Jamaal Charles Patch Auto /75 RC VHTG
[Image: CharlesJamaalExqAutoPatch.jpg]

Jermichael Finley Auto RC
[Image: FinleyJermichaelGGAutoRC.jpg]

Josh Freeman Triple Patch Auto RC /10
[Image: FreemanJoshUltTriplePatchAuto.jpg]

Blaine Gabbert Auto RC
[Image: GabbertBlaineContAuto.jpg]

Blaine Gabbert Auto Patch RC /55
[Image: GabbertBlaineFiveStarAuto.jpg]

Marques Colston Auto
[Image: ColstonMarques5StarAuto.jpg]

Antonio Brown Auto RC
[Image: BrownAntonioPPAuto.jpg]

Greg Jennings Auto RC
[Image: JenningsGregUltAutorc_zpscf4effa6.jpg]

Chris Johnson Auto RC
[Image: JhnsonChrisContAutoRC_zps253163eb.jpg]

Chris Johnson Auto Jersey Refractor RC
[Image: JohnsonChrisSterlingJsyAuto.jpg]

Chris Johnson Auto RC (Has some chipping)
[Image: JohnsonChrisToppsAuto.jpg]

Chris Johnson Auto RC
[Image: JohnsonChrisToppsChromeAuto.jpg]

Jake Locker Auto RC /25
[Image: LockerJakePPAuto-1.jpg]

Brandon Marshall AUto RC
[Image: MarshallBrandonSSAuto.jpg]

Greg Jennings Auto Patch
[Image: JenningsGregFlagAuto.jpg]

Spiller/Demaryius/Best Spiller RC Jsy #/Thomas Reebok Logo /25 RC
[Image: SpillerBestThomasTriplePrime.jpg]

Mike Williams Auto Patch RC
[Image: WilliamsMikeLimitedAutoPatch.jpg]

Brandon Weeden Patch RC
[Image: WeedenBrandonPatchJumbo.jpg]

Mike Wallace College Ticket SP Auto RC
[Image: WallaceMikeContAutoRC.jpg]

Michael Vick 3x Jersey Auto Book /35
[Image: VickMichaelFivestarAuto.jpg]

Torrey Smith Patch Auto RC
[Image: SmithTorreySPAAutob-1.jpg]

Torrey Smith Jersey Auto /25 RC
[Image: SmithTorreyFOAutoJsy-1.jpg]

Jimmy Smith Auto RC
[Image: SmithJimmyThreadsAuto.jpg]

Joe Montana Auto (Slightly Faded)
[Image: MontanaJoeSpxAutob_zps433c31c9.jpg]

Matt Ryan/McFadden Dual Auto RC
[Image: RyanMcFaddenDualAuto.jpg]

Jason Pierre Paul Auto /50
[Image: PierrePaulJasonAuto.jpg]

Kyle Rudolph Cont Auto RC
[Image: RudolphKyleContAutoRC.jpg]

Von Miller Auto RC
[Image: MillerVonSAGEAutob.jpg]

[Image: DrewMauriceJonesJersey.jpg]

Rob Gronkowski Auto RC
[Image: GronkowskiRobCrownRoyaleAuto.jpg]

Tomlinson GU
[Image: TomlinsonLadainianGGJersey.jpg][Image: TomlinsonLadainianRSJsy.jpg]

Taiwan Jones Auto Patch RC
[Image: JonesTaiwanAutoPatch.jpg]

Andre Johnson GU
[Image: JohnsonAndreCRJsy.jpg]

Stanley Havili
[Image: HaviliStanleyAuto.jpg]

Andre Caldwell Auto RC
[Image: CaldwellAndreBCAuto.jpg]
A few nice additions added. Smile Anyone else interested in anything, shoot over some open offers.
Responding to pms and offers shortly.
What value you need for the paq
BV, its listed in baseball OPG and should be in my org. Thanks.

All offers responded to.
Anyone else?
Check me for the cardinal triple auto, i have a mike giancarlo stanton 2008 refractor auto BGS 9/ w 10 auto available but i have other stuff in my org. tks
I do like the Stanton. I'll give you a look and see what we can come up with for the Cardinals Triple Auto.
What are you looking to get for the Braun and the Yount?? I have some high end tops rookies of Calvin Johnson. All signed on the cards. One is in blue and one in red. Also have a Quad rookie auto from topps with AP Megatron Marshawn Lynch and Ted Ginn Jr. Let me know if interested and I will load them on here. Thanks.
Unfortunately I'd have to pass, those cards are so faked I won't touch them anymore.
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