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Got this from a trade, been pondering what I really want to do with it.
Im a Cubbies fan from back in the day, but would like to try and find something different maybe.
Think I wanna try and trade it off.
I think the only real thing Im looking for is a Mantle. Or maybe a Cobb relic or something along those lines. I like big named old Yankees first off then come like Cobb Musial. Thats about what my PC contains. Might go for a nice Jeter also.
Not into prospects or anything like that.

Ill add a pic here in a few. card is pretty mint, it came form a very good collector on here.

2009 Topps Sterling Career Chronicles Relic Quad Autographs #41 Ryne Sandberg
[Image: IMAG0147-1.jpg]
[Image: IMAG0148-1.jpg]
i have a Nolan Ryan auto prime cuts sig material coming in shortly from a trade. numbered to 34. would u go for something like that? thanks
I think if I were to trade for that I would just trade it off again. So not to sure on the Ryan
Okay. If u change ur mind, lkk. Thanks
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