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11/12 Luxury Suite Stick & Jerseys.....

[Image: 1-9_NEW_zps01b7c57b.jpg]

[Image: 10-18_NEW_zps17c1da2d.jpg]

[Image: 19-27_NEW_zps46d97395.jpg]

[Image: 28-36_NEW_zpsfe417ad8.jpg]

[Image: 37-40_NEW_zpsce910931.jpg]

Was a fun set to do, enjoy, comments welcome - Mark.
Sweet set, Mark! Congrats!!! Loving the Markov, Price and Plekanec!

Awesome looking set Mark.
Amazing collection
I'll take it! Do you accept bits of string?

Wow. is all I can say, that is gorgeous!
WOW what an accomplishment. Great looking set when all together. Congrats and look forward to your next set completion.
Oh wow, those are sweet. Thanks for sharing.
nice looking cards, good job.. love the shawn thornton.
That is a great accomplishment. Some of those are tough to track down. Lots of color, too. Congrats!
Thanks all, it was a lot of fun to put together. Setting aside the players I collect (Ovie and Varly), my favorites would have to be the Joe Thornton for the jersey part and the Gagne for the stick (though you gotta love the Rask and Barrasso for wooden stick pieces...).
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