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OK, so I went completely insane and went for broke. Opened three boxes of 2011-12 The Cup. Here's what's what.

Base cards # / 249
Luongo...Van Riemsdyk...Jordan Staal..."Auntie" Niemi

Auto / Patch RC's # / 249:
Matt Frattin (TOR)
Mikko Koskinen (NYI)
Lennart Petrell (EDM)
Cody Eakin (WAS)
Tomas Vincour (DAL)
Ben Holmstrom (PHI)

Rookie Autographed # / 199
Kevin Marshall (PHI)

Signature Patches # / 35
Brett Hull (very sweet St. Louis Blues patch!)

Signature Patches # / 75
Cam Fowler (Ducks)

Stanley Cup Signatures # / 50:
Paul Coffey (PIT)
Bobby Clarke (PHI)
Johnny Bower (TOR)

and finally the two big dogs (at least for me):

Gustav Nyquist Gold Signature Rookie Auto Patch # 01 / 14 (DET-PC)
and last, but certainly not the least:

Carl Hagelin (NYR) The Cup Black 1 of 1 Rookie Card

Thinking about eBaying the Hagelin.....what the heck is this thing worth? The RC # / 249 books at $80...not a "variation" 1 of 1. Help out, guys- what would you sell this for??

The Nyquist is most certainly a PC item but everything else is in my organizer open for trades. Thanks for looking- mmaybe one day I'll have Randi send me a scanner.
Best wishes.......Eddie
Sweet hits... even if you didn't snag a Halak for me! Haha! Great stuff, Eddie. I would love to help you out with the pics, but no go on that one. Tongue Tell you what... you send me that Hull and I will order you a scanner or all-in-one from Staples. Deal???


I think you should change your legal last name to Halak Wink See how your wife responds to that if you are married Wink

katykeed: Nice hits...i dont think i would ever take a chance on the Cup....the highest i have ever done is Ultimate (which I got a lucky hit the 1st pack i ever bought...that made an issue of 5 minutes of fame lol). I did do a group break of high end stuff before though...ended up with a card from the cup in there was a nice auto patch of Taylor Hall / Tyler Seguin
Sweet break! Gotta see some pics!!!
WOW!! congrats on the hits
Nice hits!
Even without pics, I wish I could land that Hull!
Great stuff. Not sure about a price for the Hagelin, but it's value certainly just went up, since he has started scoring again for the team. eBay that bad boy while he's flyin'.
Start with a decent BIN or best offer and see what kind of offers you get for it.
Id say Hagelin is hot to NY fans right now and thats a big market. Made the All Star game as a rookie last year, is playing well this year and just picked up Rick Nash on his line.

Depending on the cards aesthetic you might get $150-$200.

List it as $199 BIN for a week, pick up a few watchers and send it to auction starting at .99. I think youll do well.
Well done, glad to see someone else taking a chance on some high end instead of throwing
Their money away on that yucky sp game used. IMHO the 1/1 should be more like 400.00.
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