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This would be incredible. As a season ticket holder for this race, the heat is oppresive. Luckly we sit high in Turn 4, so about twice an hour we get a breeze. Between having cooler temps (not staring in the sun), and being under the lights, I think this would be awesome. Come on now purists...if they put lights up at Wrigley, they can do it here!
Not at the expense of the tax payers IMHO. if the track wants lights let them pay for them. If the state told them no what are they going to do pack and move no.
I'd have to see the revenue and cost projections before leaning one way or another with public financing. I would have to think if by making this change, attendance may again boost. Based on the marketing research, if they could regain 350,000+ in attendance, all of the revenue it would bring to hotels, restaurants, gas stations (beer sales), might not be a bad idea for public financing.
Anytime you can race under the lights its a good thing!
Would be great
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