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Did anyone else bother to pay for the Goden Giveaway die cut cards besides me. Just wondering if Beckett will give them a value in the online price guide. Here is the scan of the five cards that I won. Don't know if there is any interest in these cards and how limited they are.
Please let me know if you have any informationon these cards.

[Image: GoldenDieCut_zpsd51f251d.jpg]
They actually are listed in the OPG and some of them have a pretty OK value.
I have about 12 of them and they have some decent BV.
i'd be willing to trade for them. Give me a look and see if you like anything.
Thanks for reminding me about these. I know it ends pretty quick here and I've got 3 I need to get shipped.
Every card I got (19) had minor dings on each one of those spikes on the sides and the front, lower left corner of each one was bent upwards. Not very happy.
I agree every card has either a ding or a dent, even though the cards were shipped in hard plastic top loaders. And yes I found the prices in the OPG after I did a search. Thanks.....
Yeah, I got my four shipped.
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