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heres what was in my two boxes of contenders!

[Image: scan0012_zpsc17ede3c.jpg]

[Image: scan0011_zps72c77d9f.jpg]

[Image: scan0008_zps1a1241e0.jpg]

[Image: scan0010_zpsdd309fc2.jpg]

[Image: scan0007_zps5c1c1496.jpg]

[Image: scan0005_zps2c1470ff.jpg]

[Image: scan0003_zpsd1d3c4e7.jpg]

[Image: scan0001_zpsaae94a87.jpg]

[Image: scan0004_zps518a0140.jpg]

[Image: scan0002_zpsacb2a730.jpg]

[Image: scan0009_zps606dd3ab.jpg]
[Image: scan0014_zps7cc18e0a.jpg]
Nice hits man!
(02-11-2013 01:55 PM)jkiddlridnour Wrote: [ -> ]Nice hits man!

Nice hits on the cracked ice. Check the Kuechly and see if you have the photo variation. The variations do not have the draft info on the back.
nice stuff bro, would love a shot at the Moore if you wanna move it!
Very Nice, I especially like the dallas clark!!!
nice!! congrats!
Nice stuff......congrats
Thats the regular Kuechly and I want it! lol and the Brian Quick!! Big Grin
isnt' the regular Kuechly a SSP?
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