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Full Version: More February mail
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Here are this weeks additions to the PC. 4 cards came through trades and 2 I picked up and the LCS. This week was about quality and quantity.

2008-09 Artifacts Tundra Tandems #TTTT Joe Thornton - Jonathan Toews
[Image: 2008-09ArtifactsTundraTandemsTTTTJoeThor...0ae7a0.jpg]

2011-12 Artifacts Jerseys Patch Emerald #84 Drew Doughty
[Image: 2011-12ArtifactsJerseysPatchEmerald84Dre...3194b2.jpg]

2011-12 Artifacts Jerseys Patch Emerald #33 Patrick Roy
[Image: 2011-12ArtifactsJerseysPatchEmerald33Pat...3620b9.jpg]

next up the 2 LCS pick up

2012-13 SP Game Used Gold Autographs #27 Claude Giroux B
[Image: 2012-13SPGameUsedGoldAutographs27ClaudeG...79fe5f.jpg]

2011-12 Panini Contenders #208 Gabriel Landeskog AU RC
[Image: 2011-12PaniniContenders208GabrielLandesk...e661ed.jpg]

and the final card from the mail packages

2010-11 The Cup Signature Patches #SPJE Jordan Eberle
[Image: 2010-11TheCupSignaturePatchesSPJEJordanE...e8eab1.jpg]

Thanks for the look, all comments welcome.

GAH! Nice grab on the EBS.

Nice looking pickups Chris, I really love this year's SP Game Used autos, I picked up a Neely for the PC, very cool.
amazing mail so far in Feb
Nice pick-ups, congrats!!
Holy cow, Chris! Your maildays are stellar! Congrats!

Jealous of the Avs Sad
Nice cardboard great show.
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