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Very pleased with the last few days of mail. Starting off with some nice PC additions.

[Image: pc1_zpseaf72d6a.jpg]
[Image: pc2_zps8bdfe97f.jpg]

And then a few going into my traders.

[Image: traders1_zps0dcfd95a.jpg]

Thanks for looking!
Nice additions to the PC
Some very nice cards! Love that Hrudey and the Dustin Brown's! Congrats!

nice pickups man! Smile
great pick ups, I love the Hrudey the best
nice pickups bro!
What is that Gretzky card?
(02-10-2013 03:09 PM)hockeynick1721 Wrote: [ -> ]What is that Gretzky card?

2012-13 O-Pee-Chee Stickers #S46 Wayne Gretzky

This one may have actually been a pack pull as opposed to mail. I picked up a few random packs of this years OPC a few days back.
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