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My Subscription is up today, i am looking to renew in april as money is a little tighter right now. My question is if i would renew then and let it go today what is going to happen to those 5000+ cards i have in my organizer. Are they all going to go away or become a jumble mess. Thanks ahead for any help.
In theory they should not go anywhere. They will be locked so and untouchable for even you, so when you get some money and you pay, BOOM. those little guys will be right there waiting for you.

You may still add cards, but you cannot get into the ORG to add it to trade/sell/etc.
You may also still trade cards, But you will not be able to move any of the outgoing/incoming around. They'll stay in the 'recently traded' folder all marked with big ol 0's until you get your OPG or ORG all paid up.

I'm putting together a nice power point presentation if you'd like to hang around for a few minutes while the projector warms up. There's coffee in the back and doughnuts to much on. I've also included some name tags you can write your name on. I look at them as ice breakers. We're all friends here.
hahaha "My Name Is TONY" and i am here for the Dumb Question conference, is there a place i can write down all my other questions that i am sure have been answered a million times on here but i cant seem to ever get the search engine to work right. I might be here a long time.
Bahahahaha! Nice one "Tony!" You can head over to the Help Forums for the FAQ's and to check to see if there are any more answers for any questions that you have. I am usually the only Mod on the Hockey Boards, so posting questions there might get you some answers faster. Brandon has it right... and sarcastically at that!

Tony, Pull up a chair. It's nice to meet you. As you know, there's no such thing as a dumb question. Every question ever thought of has been asked twice already, but i'm lonely so i'll give you the long version if you promise to stay a while.
My favorite part of the power point so far has been the 2 and half hour piece about how you have to set up your organizer to trade on this site. The detail and the amount of times this is said is wonderful. The best part were all the people just poking their heads in and yelling "I have cards to trade" then leaving to never be heard from again. I heard the presentation on how selling your cards is almost 4 hours i am so excited i can barely wait!
I know it can seem slow at times, But i try to spice it up with video clips of bears riding tricycles and goats that faint. Sometimes it's good to break up the day. However, this presentation has been such a blast that i didn't even realize it was lunch time. So why we wait, We'll continue. There will be an award ceremony following the presentation and parking will not be validated until the end. Thank you kindly.
Snow day and you have just too much time on your hands so I will pose a question. Why?
The answer is : 42
excellent now I will sleep well knowing that I have the answer thanks
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